New Students

          Ellure Ballroom is excited to see that you are interested in becoming a future member of our studio. We are an exclusive private dance studio that offers you three different options for private lessons. You have the choice to pay as you go or choose one of our amazing packages that will give you a discounted price on each lesson.

          If this is your first time taking a lesson, you will begin with an introduction to dance. All students are free to choose any style of dance they would like to learn, starting with the basics. Everyone at one time started out where they were new to dance. First,"Learning the Basics" and then continuing through the different levels of dance to look like a natural! There are four different levels of dance: Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. You and your teacher will discuss your goals and what "level" of dancer you would like to be in the future.

           If you have taken lessons before, you and your teacher will start with your current level of dance to continue your journey and build from there. Depending on how good of a dancer you want to become, your teacher will develop the perfect plan to ensure success in obtaining your goals! All new students must fill out a waiver before dancing. Please click here to download and fill out the waiver and bring with you to your lesson. You may also fill one out at the studio, but to save time, we ask that you attempt to fill it out before you arrive. Thank you!

**Please note that prior to scheduling your first lesson, it must be paid for in advance either by using the Paypal or Credit Card. Both of which can also be done over the phone. Also please be aware of our cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy: All lessons must be cancelled within 4 hours of your appointment, if you fail to notify your instructor in the allotted time, you will be charge for a full lesson.